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13377x is becoming more famous

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny 2 months ago c/Torrents 210

as everybody know about https://13377x.site/ which is a successful mirror of 1337x but due to country restriction the real 1337x is no longer displaying in google and not even opening through your regular internet connections from many countries, the leading country is India this is why Ken's group has brought back the 13377x to the users who wasn't able to facilitate by this great torrent directory.

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Comments (2)

new37 . 2 months ago

I like this version of 1337x but it does not have the screenshots and the torrent description.
Hope this will add soon. thanx

sizzlingkenny . 2 months ago

yes soon you will see the fully functional 13377x new version including the all functionalities whatever the old 1337x used to have.