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Top Torrent Websites of Year 2019 Public and Private

Posted by: u/sizzlingkenny 2 months ago c/Torrents 31,845

Best Torrent sites in 2019:

1. TorrentKen.site

TorrentKen has first launched in 2018 and made a good place in a torrent world and now they decided to take a cover and turn their website into an anonymous and secure login based torrent directory with over 100s of million active torrents.



This platform was invented in 2008 and specializes RARBG started its operations as a Bulgarian tracker. It has since emerged to be among the best torrenting sites for your use. In fact, RARBG has taken the minds and hearts of several video pirates hostage. It is among the best torrent sites to download movies.

3. YTS.ag


YTS.ag acts as the successor of the obsolete YIFY or YTS group even though this was done on the unofficial basis. Most of the other torrent sites were unhappy with the fact that YTS.ag hijacked the most popular torrent sites. No wonder most of them have been in the process of trying to actively ban its releases.

4. Torrentz2


This site was launched to stand-in for the very first Torrent.eu site that closed its doors on a voluntary basis way back in 2016. By the timing we were writing this article, this platform only lists torrent hashes and not any external torrent site links. Some of the things that still make this site to be functional are its plugins and add-ons. This is one of the best torrent sites that has an uncertain future.



The initial TV-torrent distribution group was closed down after the 2015 hostile takeover. This was because there was a claim of ownership of this brand by new owners. Currently, the new group is operating from ETV.ag and is still releasing torrents. The controversial history of this brand has made other torrent sites to bun their releases. Despite all these, ETV.ag still stands out to be one of the best torrenting sites for your use.

6. 1337X


This torrent site is continuing from where it was left off in the past year. Therefore, we can confidently say that it is among the most popular torrent sites that are available at your disposal. This torrent site attracted a high volume of traffic unlike some of the other torrent sites you find on this list. It has a highly dedicated team of uploaders that keep on providing fresh content each moment.

7. LimeTorrents.cc



You cannot talk about the best torrent sites to download movies and leave behind Limetorrents. This site has been around for over a decade now. The operator of this site also runs the famous torrent iTorrents. Most of the other torrent search engine heavily rely on this application for their day to day operation.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle Torrent

One aspect that makes this site great is the fact that it boasts of having close to three million verified torrents. This torrent site has stayed under the radar for several years even though it is still growing. The site started ranking among the top ten torrent sites for the first time this year.

9. Nyaa

Nyaa Tottent

This is a popular revival of the anime torrent location NYAA that was shut down in the course of last year. Most review sites have been leaving anime-oriented sites out of their lists. However, its important to mention some of these sites owing to the fact that we also include dedicated movie and TV sites on the best torrenting sites in the market. It is one of the sites that have really stood the test of time when it comes to torrenting.

10. The Pirate Bay


This is one of the best torrent sites you can find in the market. Pirate Bay is the oldest site on our list and remains to be the ‘King of all torrents’ in the market. In the past few years, we have experienced a lot of silence among the notorious torrent sites. You need to understand that this torrent is operating under its original domain name. It is undisputed that Pirate Bay remains top on the list of torrent sites. Even though it has witnessed a few storms in the past few years, it is quite evident that it will be celebrating its 15th anniversary sometimes this year while still topping the list.

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Comments (1)

advin . 2 months ago

amazing list
i like most of these links thanks for sharing