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WebTalks another Reddit or Quora Discussion Community Network

Posted by: u/admin 2 months ago c/General 10,807

WebTalks is just another reddit or quora style network or you can say its an alternative to reddit and quora in easy words where people share their stories, links, news and discuss about their issues by choosing different topics such as news , questions , social networking , entertainment and many more.



  • WebTalks offers free traffic opportunity as well as product discussion or link sharing article submission all these options are completely free without any limits.


  • Now a days everybody look for something where new webmasters can easily promote their websites and links to get free traffic for the rest of the times so WebTalks is the ideal place to post free articles and share it to the world eg: facebook , twitter , google plus , youtube and many others.


  • People who love to submit free articles or loves to write blogs Webtalks is just the right place for them to start latest topic discussions to the world and get comments from other community members for likes or betterment or suggestions.


Interested people are most welcome to join our WebTalks community to start sharing with the world and get free traffic back to their links or websites.

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Comments (3)

norman . 2 months ago

that's a good news i will share my facebook page here because i need people to be fans of my page

sizzlingkenny . 2 months ago

of course you can share anything you are free to use WebTalks by any means.

advin . 2 months ago

its purely a reddit clone lol
but nicely done the job, specially the UI is great and device friendly
so in short I like this quora and reddit alternative