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how to speed up slow torrent

Posted by: u/new37 2 months ago c/Questions 268

I am new here please any one help me out with the slowest downloading torrent thanks in advance.

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Comments (5)

sizzlingkenny . 2 months ago

welcome new37,here is a website called hash2magnet.com

you can download torrents by just inserting torrent info_hash and you will get the most working and fastest torrent trackers to speed up your torrent.Just click this link https://hash2magnet.com/ and you are done.

new37 . 2 months ago

it seems like working thank you so much sir.

sizzlingkenny . 2 months ago

you always welcome @new37

new37 . 2 months ago

i am trying the other dead torrents by h2magnet.com

norman . 2 months ago

i like it thanks